Friday, December 5, 2014


You guys are melting my face. It's the best problem on Earth to have, but it is still a bit of a problem. If you've placed an order or are going to place an order PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE POST VERY CAREFULLY and if you see someone on social media having a problem with any of these things, let them know about this post.

  • I have received over 700 orders so far, and they're still coming in as I type this. I knew this was going to be a busy time, what with NSFW and DFD/Stargazer coupon redemptions, but holy balls this is going nuts. Over 570 Red & Pleasant Lands have been ordered by you people. This means that:
    •  It's going to take for-fucking-ever just to process all of these orders, let alone pack and ship them. You're going to need patience because I'm just one guy here.
    • If you have questions or problems GET IN TOUCH AND LET'S RESOLVE IT BEFORE YOU PLACE THE ORDER. With this many orders, playing cleanup with goofed orders is going to slow service down for everyone. Frankly your "I placed two orders can I get some money back for combined shipping?" emails are going to dealt with after things have been sent on their way.
    • It's possible I'm going to run out of copies of Red & Pleasant Land while I'm in England. (see below). 3000 were printed, with 1000 coming here to me and 2000 marked for distribution. The printer was asked to hold off on shipping the distro copies for a week for just this eventuality, so if the webstore runs out of stock, JUST SIT TIGHT. I can still get more, and you placing orders for other stuff and then placing another order once I get more RPL copies in is just going to result in double shipping charges for you.
  • The webstore's state-of-the-art (cough cough cough cough) software is wheezing under the strain and glitching at a rate of one out of every eight or nine orders or so, with the order going through and received fine on my end but the store isn't recognizing that a Paypal payment has been made so the order needs to be manually pushed to complete by me, I'm leaving for Dragonmeet in England in 30 minutes and will have limited, if any, internet connection until I return late late Sunday night. If your order has hung up, I will push them through then, sorry for the delays but not much can be done about it.
  • PS. PDF downloads on completed orders are found under the Account tab on the Webstore.
  • If you're one of my direct retail partners, sorry but your orders will be fulfilled after I've dealt with this crush; I'm not having you receive your packages after an international shipment and have items on sale while I haven't even finished shipping direct orders.
  • I've received some griping about this going forward while certain late projects are still late. THIS IS A COMPLETELY LEGITIMATE COMPLAINT. All I can say is right now only the Ref Book is lying fallow while I deal with the orders here. Everything else has people working on them and as soon as certain things are done I can announce them. (Been burned by announcing things upon agreement, rather than delivery, too many times...). But everyone on late projects will get a lot more than originally expecting. Yes, even on that project.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Releases Out Now! (A Red & Pleasant Land, etc.)

See the new header image up there?

If you want stuff in print, go here.

(ordering 5 or more physical items gets you a set of limited LotFP postcards with new art by Yannick Bouchard!)

PDF, here.

Friday, November 28, 2014

New Books Out December 4 + Dragonmeet!

A Red & Pleasant Land, The Idea from Space, No Salvation for Witches, Death Frost Doom, and Tower of the Stargazer will go on sale December 4. ("No defects will be sent!" promises the printer.)

Also, LotFP will have a vendor table at Dragonmeet in London on December 6, and we'll have the new books available there. Table hours are 10am-midnight, so come say hi. Please. Because that's a long long time to sit at a table.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

OSR Bundle of Holding: 1 Day Left!

The current Bundle of Holding is dedicated to the OSR, with the following PDF titles available at a steep, steep discount - over 80% off the usual prices if you pay the minimum to get the most titles:

Dyson's Delves I
Labyrinth Lord & Advanced Edition Companion
People of the Pit

Death Frost Doom 2e
Lesserton and Mor
Magical Theorems and Dark Pacts
River Knife Trilogy
Scarlet Heroes

This is an excellent chance for you sample the best the OSR has to offer. I haven't read the River Knife Trilogy or People of the Pit but the rest is excellent. Go!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Adventures Campaign Update

(This update was originally to be posted to the Towers Two, Broodmother SkyFortress, Horror Among Thieves/Forgive Us, and Seclusium of Orphone project pages, but IndieGoGo has a shit update system that limits updates to 2500 characters, and this wasn't going to fit into that. If are a backer, this is about what you're going to be getting based on what you've already paid. If you weren't a backer, this is what you'll be able to buy in the future.)

OK, this update is long overdue. (I'm active on G+ and haven't ducked questions about these projects there, but updates here have been scarce, yeah...)

This update includes all of the Adventures campaign stuff, since a good number of people went for a higher pledge level that included multiple adventures.

Seclusium and Forgive Us are long out the door. Awesome.

Towers Two now has a basic layout done and is in the hands of the artist. Jeremy Duncan will be handling the art, and it will be FULL COLOR. He counts around 50 pieces that need to be done for the book, and he estimates finishing in May, which means we'd go to press in June if he delivers when he says he can. Yeah, that's right, 50 pieces. It'd be too easy to just get this done as cheap as possible and call it obligation fulfilled, but I am committed to delivering to you nothing less than MAGIC in book form. You click on that link to Duncan's gallery and you tell me that he's not the perfect guy for the job. I dare you. The book will be a 112 page hardcover, with 19 of those pages being the original Brockie draft and Brockie artwork.

Broodmother Skyfortress, bloody hell, the thing is late, and no decision made is going to make it less late, so the decision is to make this not just something that's cool, but to make this a cornerstone of your RPG collection. It's the least we can do to make up for the unbelievable fuckedupedness of the delays. So what we're going to do is nuke the current layout (when I presented the layout as it stands to Rients, I thought it was iffy but he said it was OK so I thought why add more delays if the author is fine with it? I just found out this week that he's iffy on it too and only said OK to it because he thought I liked it and didn't want to cause any trouble...) and start from scratch with the finished text. Alex Mayo did a bang-up job putting Towers Two's layout together and he's going to handle this as well. I've penciled in Ian MacLean for the artwork here, who in response to my "Can you Kirby this thing up?" query responded: "I did a bunch of Kirby-influenced technical work for Ross Payton's Baseraiders stuff, and I've got a fair bit of old Marvel stuff on my bookshelf. When you're closer to production let me know what you need." This will be hardcover as well.

Remember that English Civil War sandbox that $30+ backers were supposed to get? Don't worry, I do. Conley backed out of the project (and refunded his fee!), and I turned to Barry Blatt, who had done a blog series about the English Civil War for the Dungeon Crawl Classics game. Last month he turned in England Upturn'd, a 40000+ word extravaganza of Puritans, Royalists, and absolute insanity beyond anything I've read in quite some time. It's a thing of beauty. However, a project this big just doesn't make sense to produce as an exclusive for a couple hundred people. So I'm making the call that this will be a full-fledged hardcover release, probably around 100 pages give or take, but all of you $30+ backers will still get it without paying a dime more. It's in proofreading now, then will go to layout. Artist as yet unassigned.

So yeah, still late beyond all excuse, but NOT DEAD, and all becoming more and better than intended. That's the only way to go when things don't go as originally intended.

(insert infectiously enthusiastic slogan here)

New Books New Release Date: December 4

According to the printer, the corrected versions of the new releases should be delivered to me on December 4. (They had to re-order materials from their suppliers, thus the delay...)

So A Red & Pleasant Land, No Salvation for Witches, Death Frost Doom, Tower of the Stargazer, and The Idea from Space will go live on the webstore then, assuming everything is A-OK.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

New Books Not On Sale Yet

The big release day has been postponed as there are problems with the book. More information is available here.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The New Books Are Almost Ready!

I got the printer to take pictures (quick cellphone pics, nothing fancy) of all five books that should be here at the end of the week.

You'll notice A Red & Pleasant Land isn't done - the covers have had the cloth material applied and the gold foil embossing, but the attachment of the cover artwork and the actual binding of the books are still to come. But that portion will look like the previews, it's this special material stuff shown here that we've only been able to approximate in earlier previews.

(They still expect to have them to me on Friday... I got a long speech down at the printer's office how these steps are often done just hours before they're loaded on the truck for delivery. We'll see.)


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Friday, September 26, 2014

A Red & Pleasant Land: More Info!

One of the books at the printer right now and a week or two or whenever away from going on sale is Zak S' A Red & Pleasant Land. This is LotFP's major release for the year, and perhaps our biggest release ever. It's time to tell you more about it,

"A terrible Red King wars with an awful Queen, and together they battle into being a rigid, wrong world..." A rough concept pitch might be "Dracula vs. Bathory in the world of Alice in Wonderland." But it's far weirder than that.

Zak showed an unfinished PDF to some people and we got some quotes:

"How lucky are we? Once again we get to experience the artistry and art, the cantankerous smarts, the dissident gaming philosophy of Zak S. It's inadequate to call _Red & Pleasant Land_ brilliant. With alchemist swagger, Zak takes the base matter of well-worn fantasy standards and our cheerful nerd hobbies, and makes the strangest gold."
-China Miéville

"God, it's so beautiful, I love this. It just makes D&D look so fucking now."
-Molly Crabapple

"It should be next to impossible to do anything original with Dracula or Alice, but Zak S demonstrates instead that it's next to impossible for him to put out a bad game book. He trails his barbed artistic and gaming sensibilities through these two modern myths and emerges with something more than a mashup or a collage: it's a necromantic restoration of a nightmare that never was."
-Kenneth Hite

(These quotes will appear on the back cover of the book in abbreviated form, for space and branding reasons.)

Because I'm just the publisher and not creatively involved, I want to tell you about the physical format before the contents.

It's going to be a 192 page full color hardcover. But because the book isn't done yet, we can't adequately show you how the book will be. That cover pic there is an approximation: The red will be cloth, and the image there will be pressed into it. The yellow will be embedded metallic golden foil. The interior pages will be nice and rich as well, as we're using the same paper stock that we used for Carcosa. I don't know if we'll achieve the goal of being the most beautiful RPG book ever published, but we're giving it a go. The promo blurbs and barcode and all that will be on a jacket that fits vertically on just the back cover.

As for the contents...

You might need to click to expand that view. The book includes over 70 illustrations by my quick count, plus close to two dozen maps and map details.

(Design and layout guy Jez Gordon should get mentioned here, he's the one that put in all the hours to make everything come together on the page.)

A Red & Pleasant Land is a setting that includes tons of ready-to-go adventure material.

"Officially" the adventure takes place in Voivodja, a southest-Europe equivalent in the world of Vornheim. But if you use another campaign world, it's no problem. Being Alice in Wonderland-inspired, there are looking glass-style ways of popping in and out of this realm.

And even if you're not wanting to run adventures in the Place of Unreason, no problem, you can still use the hell out of this book, because as it says, "The creatures and ideas in this book, like those in the real world, are portable. Feel free to have your players encounter them anywhere, just as a Cold War spy might find a Russian in any hotel room."

Comments? Questions? Go here!

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Idea from Space!

In a matter of weeks LotFP's next big bunch of releases will be available for public consumption:

  • Zak's A Red & Pleasant Land (192 page full color hardcover)
  • Rafael Chandler's No Salvation for Witches (64 full color hardcover)
  • The Idea from Space (32 page softcover)
  • Reprints of Death Frost Doom (now a revised and expanded 64 page hardcover!) and
  • Tower of the Stargazer (all new layout, 32 page softcover)

Now I think R&PL has a lot of hype happening (it's been anticipated in some quarters for years), Death Frost Doom and Stargazer are well-known adventures and you know if you want them in print or not, and NSFW just had the crowdfund thing to get people interest and the hype going.

But The Idea from Space? It's time to tell you about that so you don't leave that out while filling up your shopping cart.

 The adventure takes place on a small island (in the adventure part of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago, but easily transferrable to a remote island in your own campaign world) where two supernatural forces have had an age-old feud.

There is Manakata, a primal spirit of power and physicality, which grants its followers great physical attributes. It's these followers that are on the adventure's cover.

Then there's Xaxus, a sophisticated entity all about the mind, granting its followers supernatural mental abilities.

These entities have been dormant on the island for quite some time. Then a shipwreck, a divided crew, and now both entities again have followers and again they war with each other through their followers.

And into this mess come the player characters.

Both factions will want to recruit the PCs and share their power with them. Both factions want the other faction wiped out. Both factions want to get off the island and grow into the greater world.

Will the PCs side with one faction or the other? Or neither of them? Will their allegiances split like those of the crew of the wrecked ship? Will they help one or both factions spread into the world or will they be trapped on the island? Will they discover strange secrets the island contains, or find any of the rich treasures?

Written by Simon Carryer, cover art by Olli Hihnala, layout and interior art and maps by Sarah Richardson.

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